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Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm PST
jerry brown's budget proposals and his plans to target education funding. 51% approve of the job he is doing. 75% said the state was moving in the right direction and 69% said good economic times -- economic times are ahead. and a prosed assault weapons ban, 65% supported the idea. 32% opposed it. it was popular in the bay area and los angeles and least popular in the central valley and orange county. >>> people with internet connected macs found apple blocked java from running. they said java is susceptible to hacking. oracle issued updates but hasn't comments on the block today. >>> plenty warm out there today. the end of january. temperatures feel like the end of march. temperature in santa rosa 68 degrees. warm spots. 67 in morgan hill. look at the numbers. significant numbers into february. 69 in redwood city. that was the warmest spot. 63 antioch. 62 fairfield. nice weather. no rain in the forecast. high pressure, the thing to note, i will show it to you again, see this? that is the off shore winds. move it back. winds going this way. goes away. that is sinking air, and that i
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
controversial anti-gay comments. in a statement today, culver says he is seeking guidance and education from the group. and the 24-year-old player says he wants to take the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. the l.a.-based trevor project provides crisis counseling for lgbt youth. >>> we're learning new information tonight about the death of a teenaged girl whose naked body was found in a fairfield park. ktvu john sasaki was at that park today with how people came forward and reacted to what is for now a mysterious death. john? >> reporter: ken, just about a minute ago, a family of five came in and brought in candles, a stuffed animal, and some flowers here to this memorial for the young life that ended in this park early yesterday morning. all kinds of flowers. stuffed animals, balloon, for that 13-year-old girl whose body was found 50 yards away. >> it looks like a mannequin. it didn't look like a human body. >> reporter: eric may is says he was walking through the fairfield park when he saw the girl's body. >> the closer i got, the more real she looked. and it is like i got up to h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2